Chiapas: The Freedom of ex-Political Prisoner Roberto Paciencia Cruz is at Risk


Chiapas: The Freedom of ex-Political Prisoner Roberto Paciencia Cruz is at Risk

San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas

February 2, 2017

Joint Bulletin:

The working group No Estamos Todxs and the center of human rights Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas AC, express our concern regarding the risk to the freedom of our compañero Roberto Paciencia Cruz (Roberto Paciencia) who is an Indigenous Tsostil of Chenalhó, Chiapas and an adherent of the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandona Jungle.

Roberto was detained August 9th, 2013 and accused of abduction. During the moment of detention and his incarceration, acts of torture, arbitrary detention and unfair trial were documented, violating the rights of personal freedom and integrity, personal security and access to due process.

Since his detention, and throughout the judicial process that lasted three years and three months, Roberto did not cease his struggle against the injustices of the corrupt Mexican political system. On November 26, 2016, he was released by acquittal under the recognition of his innocence on part of the Judge of the criminal branch of the judicial district of San Cristóbal de Las Casas.

However, the public prosecutor has filed an appeal against the acquittal, despite not having been able to sustain the accusation against our compañero Paciencia during the trial, and in spite of the mentioned violations against him.

The arbitrary and unjust detention of which Roberto was subjected has brought physical and psychological consequences for him and his family, disrupting his life and generating poverty in his family.

According to available information, the study of the case and the proposal of appeal will be under the charge of Residing Judge C, of the Regional Mixed Collegiate Courtroom Zone 3, of the San Cristóbal de Las Casas. Judge Ramiro Joel Ramírez Sánchez will head the case. The judges that integrate the courtroom will vote upon the proposal in the middle of February

The probability of his acquittal being modified has generated uncertainty, stress and anxiety for Roberto, as well as for his family. During the months following his release, Roberto has moved to San Cristóbal de Las Casas, where he has tried to continue his life together with his family. Right now he is working and continuing the struggle.

During the years that he was detained in CERSS Number 5, in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, he continued to defend the right of the prisoners, showing solidarity and commitment to the imprisoned survivors of torture and politically motivated criminalization. He did not stop denouncing the many abuses committed by the authorities, like the unjust and corrupt penitentiary and judicial system that discriminates against people for being poor and Indigenous.

The working group No Estamos Todxs and the Center of Human Rights Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas AC, reiterate our concern regarding the risk to the freedom of Roberto Paciencia and we urge the judge Ramiro Joel Ramírez Sánchez and the members of the Regional Mixed Collegiate Courtroom Zone 3, of the San Cristóbal de Las Casas, to confirm the acquittal, for not having legal means to revoke the sentence.

To the adherents of the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandona Jungle and the national and internal civil society, we ask you to be attentive to the resolution of the Regional Mixed Collegiate Courtroom Zone 3, and to carry out solidarity actions for Roberto Paciencia Cruz and his family

Working Group No Estamos Todxs

Center of Human Rights Fray Bartolomé de las Casas AC

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Latest News Regarding the Case of Omar Campos, Political Prisoner of SLP, and a Letter from Our Compañero


Latest News Regarding the Case of Omar Campos, Political Prisoner of SLP, and a Letter from Our Compañero

Compañerxs, we want to inform you that in the last few days, Omar Campos Martínez (aka Alone) received a new formal arrest warrant in response to a filed injunction without taking into account that the Federal Judge had already issued an injunction to protect him. We consider that the first court of San Luis Potosí that is dealing with the case of our comrade, is acting in a biased manner, in that he is not considering the testimonies that confirm “Alone” was working the day and hour in which he supposedly committed the crime.

We leave you with a letter that Alone sent us from prison, and we hope for your support in diffusing it.

Hugs of solidarity!

Colectivo Guadalupe Gutiérrez-Héroes de Ocosingo and Graciela Mata


January 2017 San Luis Potosí SLP

To the Compañerxs

To Compañero Luis Fernando Sotelo Zambrano

To the Sixth

To the CNI

To the Network Against Repression

To the EZLN

To Civil Society

I hug you fraternally and salute you with my left fist held high.

After four months behind the walls of the repressive state and capitalist system, it is possible for me to take apart the way in which the state and bourgeoisie work in their penitentiaries. And I have felt that in practice, direction action is being carried out.

The state and bourgeoisie can liberate narcos, rapists, assassins, drug and human traffickers, kidnappers, and all those whom serve to justify state terrorism. In the prisons there is trafficking, there are bribes, and the classrooms are closed. The processes that obstruct or denounce the acts of corruption are hidden under the command of the public ministry and office lawyers.

In prison, the ungovernable of below carry out direct action and mutual aid. The practice of these acts strengthens and pleases us. It demolishes those walls that try to impose themselves upon us. Thanks to the compañerxs that without knowing us, without sharing latitudes or geographies with us, and without being family or friends, maintain firm that we are not alone. Neither forgiveness nor oblivion! Down with the prison walls!

Compañero Luis Fernando Sotelo Zambrano has the certainty that he is not alone, and that we are not forgotten.

Immediate freedom to Luis Fernando Sotelo Zambrano!

Freedom to the political prisoners!

Death to the state and long live anarchy!

Long live the Sixth, the EZLN, the CNI, the Network Against Repression, and the barricades!

Always ungovernable!

Omar Campos Martínez (aka Alone)

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The Life of José Oswaldo Delgado Castro At Risk


The Life of José Oswaldo Delgado Castro At Risk

San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, México

February 1, 2017

Press bulletin Number 1

The Center of Human Rights Bartolomé de Las Casas, AC (FRAYBA) has information regarding the health risk situation of José Oswaldo Delgado Castro (Mr. José Oswaldo). Currently José is incarcerated in the Centro de Reinerserción Social de Sentendiados number 8 (CERSS No. 8) in Villaflores, Chiapas. As a means of protest, he has sewed his lips shut declaring a hunger strike since January 9th, 2017 at approximately 8 am. He has not yet received medical attention for the illnesses from which he suffers.

According to testimony, the family of José Oswaldo denounces the lack of medical attention on part of the authorities of CERSS No. 8, as José already suffers from gastritis, salmonella, and kidney problems. His health has been deteriorating rapdily.

FRAYBA has carried our diverse interventions against the authorities of the State of Chiapas so that José Oswaldo receives medical attention, from which we have not received any response. The families indicate that he has received internal threats inside the prison for his action of protest.

According to José Oswaldo’s testimony, he indicated having been tortured during his detention and during the moment he was giving his ministerial declaration in the offices of the now defunct Specialized Unity against Organized Crime in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas; October 23, 1997, when he was 17 years old.

In agreement with the Minimum Rules of the United Nations for the Treatment of Prisoners (Nelson Mandela Rules), taking into account specifically rule 24, we urge the Secretary of Government of the State of Chiapas Juan Carlos Gómez Aranda and the Subsecretary of Execution of Penal and Security Measures, Commissioner Jefe Orlando Leyva Lobato, to guarantee adequate medical attention, as well as taking the urgent means to safeguard the health and personal integrity of José Oswaldo Delgado Castro who is under their custody.

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In an Arbitrary and Violent Manner, Miguel Ángel Mancera Closes the Cultural Space La Karakola


In an Arbitrary and Violent Manner, Miguel Ángel Mancera Closes the Cultural Space La Karakola

Mexico. February 1, 2017

“Our space is in danger, we ask for your solidarity. Autonomy is possible,” said members of the social and cultural space La Karakola last September. La Karakola is a collective and sustainable project of civil society, in the neighborhood of Roma, in Mexico City. Today, February 1st, members denounced the closure of their space “in an arbitrary and violent manner” by the police of Miguel Mancer, governor of Mexico City. “We are a cultural and social space, a space of creation and art, a self-organized and collective space. We will be here outside searching for information and informing people of the situation,” they shared through social networks.

“Today, at 10am, a large number of riot police arrived, police from the delegation and civil protection. They opened the space by force and although they didn’t take anything, they put up a certification suspending activities. None of the public workers wanted to talk with us,” said members from la Karakola.

This is not the first time that the government of Mexico City has evicted a self-organized space. On November 22, the cultural space Chanti Ollin was evicted through a violent police operation, ordered by the government of Miguel Ángel Mandera. Chanti stated that riot police violently removed twenty-six members of the collective along with a three year old, evicting them from the space.

La Karakola is a space “…of social and cultural creation where diverse activities are carried out, from expositions, concerts, and film debates, to workshops and solidarity actions from diverse parts of civil society” indicate the social activists on their web page. “La Karakola is an alternative space for different artistic projects and for the promotion of tolerance, respect, and diversity. Above all, it is a space of active and constant organization against the war constantly stalking humanity,” agreed its members.

“We participated in the little Zapatista School and in CompARTE, with puppets and a little bit of music. We participate, alongside the Network Against Repression and For Solidarity, in campaigns for the freedom of prisoners.” These were just some of the activities members of la Karakola mentioned. The space also sells coffee from the Zapatista community, Roberto Barrios, Chiapas.

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The FPDT Again Denounces the Intrusion of Machinery With Protection of the Army and Federal Police


The FPDT Again Denounces the Intrusion of Machinery With Protection of the Army and Federal Police

Today, January 22, crews of workers from the companies CIPSA and Pinfra entered the ejido of Atenco with two bulldozers intent on carrying out the construction of the highway Pirámides-Texcoco. With the protection of a military tank and federal police, the companies again violated the definitive suspension awarded against this project that is part of the new airport of Mexico City. This took place one day after sharing testimony of human rights violations against members of the FDPT and of the habitants of the communities on the Eastern shore of Lake Texcoco with a special reporter of the UN.

The ejido members and habitants of the communities went to the place of intrusion to demand the fulfillment of the suspension and the respect of their human rights. They talked with the workers to remove the machinery. The machine returned to the company with the condition that the land would be restored to its place and the policemen would not be involved.

We call on all social organizations, media, and people in solidarity with our cause in defense of mother earth to be alert to the continued provocations, actions of intimidation, and aggressions against our communities. These actions operate in complicity with businesses and local, state and federal authorities to impose the plundering involved in the new airport project of Mexico City. We appeal to the respect of our human rights and to the respect of due process in each one of the different cases of appeals and denunciations that we have opened against these abuses.

Frente de Pueblos en Defensa de la Tierra

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Three More Years of Harassment and Abuse of Power in San Antonio Eloxochitlán de Flores Magón, Oaxaca


Three More Years of Harassment and Abuse of Power in San Antonio Eloxochitlán de Flores Magón, Oaxaca

After the culmination of the three-year municipal period, 2014-2016, ten compañerxs of the community assembly remain imprisoned in the penitentiaries of Ixcotel, Cuicatlán and Etla Oaxaca. Furthermore, arrest orders remain outstanding against nineteen of our compañerxs. This is the result of a municipal conflict on December 14th, 2014, between peoples of the municipality, in a dispute over control of the municipal palace and the naming of the municipal mayor.

The municipal palace had been previously taken through violence by a group using sticks and firearms, lead by the professor/ brothers: Vicente, Vidal, and Manuel Zepeda Cortes (the latter being the ex-municipal president for the three years 2011-2013). Their intention was to retain power in order to hide the embezzlement of 23 million pesos carried out in complicity with the ex-municipal administrator professor Eleazar Bravo Fuentes. Their pretext for the attack was that the then municipal president, Alfredo Bolaños Pacheco, was not adequately using the resources to benefit the municipality. In reality, Manuel Zepeda Cortes ex- municipal president, was searching to obscure the gifting of the money to works of his construction company, which he had started during his municipal presidency.

It is important to note that under his command, the repression and violation of the human rights of members of the community assembly who don’t pertain to his political line were extensive. In February of 2011, he orchestrated the burning of a truck belonging to UCOCAM (Unión de Comunidades Campesinas Marginadas).   On the 30th of the same month, Manuel Zepeda Cortes along with his followers, using sticks, rocks and machetes, attacked compañerxs of the community assembly that were carrying out a Faena (community works project) in the neighborhood of Puerto Rosete. On November 20th of 2012, as compañerxs gathered in an autobus in Puente de Fierro, to travel to Mexico City to commemorate the anniversary of the tragic death of Ricardo Flores Magón, hooded men attacked them. As a result of the attack, professor and journalist Fernando Palacios Chazares and various others were gravely injured. Until now, the perpetrators remain in impunity. Manuel Zepeda Cortes also used heavy machinery in the river that runs through our municipality to remove large quantities of rock and sand from big landholdings that he obtained with municipal resources. This has generated a climate of inconformity in the municipality. Thus, the family has attempted at all costs to retain local control in our municipality, protecting their previous interests in the PRD party and now in the Morena party.

As a result of the conflict on December 14th of 2014, two people died, while automobiles and houses were damaged. For this, our compañerxs remain incarcerated or with outstanding orders of arrest. As all the necessary evidence has been presented for the relevant investigations, the judicial authorities have moved very slowly with the process, for which we ask the government to revise the advancement of the cases. Those detained and the others with orders of arrest have continually confirmed their innocence.

Manuel Zepeda Cortes manipulated the interim president Juan Salazar Hernández during the two remaining years of his period of 2014-2016, in order organize the new elections for the three years of 2017-2019 without following the protocols of the rights of the Indigenous peoples. In doing this, he imposed his daughter Elisa Zepeda Lagunas, fulfilling his thirst for municipal power. This election was carried out on the first Sunday of April, when in the previous years it has taken place in the second week of September. Without the majority validating the election, and without taking into account other contenders, only 450 people gathered, when in past elections more than 2300 voters have participated. In the official documents, some 1400 voters are said to have participated, thus proving the falsification of signatures of citizens who weren’t present. To make matters worse, Eliza Zepeda Lagunas is not originally from this municipality and doesn’t speak Mazateco, whereas some 90% of the municipality does.

These acts have taken advantage of the climate of uncertainty and persecution against the members of the community assembly.   The compañerxs of the community assembly registered complaints before the Electoral Institute of Citizen Participation of the State of Oaxaca (IEEPCO) to challenge these acts taking stock of the inconsistencies of this election and asking for its annulment. The community assembly solicits new elections in agreement with the usos y costumbres of the Indigenous community—an election where a true majority of the people in the community would participate.

However, the directors of the Electoral Institute of Citizen Participation in Oaxaca (IEEPCO) have ignored these anomalies, validating the election on July 24th, 2016, authorizing Elisa Zepeda Lagunas as municipal president. On November 1st of last year, Elisa Zepeda Lagunas was again recognized as president elect of the three-year period 2017-2019. The community assembly does not conform to these results and has put forth another complaint to the federal electoral tribunal with headquarters in Xalapa, Veracruz. Regardless, on December 30th of last year, Elisa Zepeda Lagunas was officially sworn in as municipal president. It is important to note that in the analysis of these acts, bribery prevails in the authorities co-signing the official documents. Thus, as a consequence, the municipality remains divided and in dispute, while concord and peace is negated.


Members of the Community Assembly Ricardo Flores Magón

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Three Years of Communicating From Below, Three Years of Community Radio Amiltzinko


Three Years of Communicating From Below, Three Years of Community Radio Amiltzinko

On January 4-6, the community of Amilcingo, Morelos, reunited again to celebrate and raise awareness of the radio labor of those that make up the Community Radio Amiltzinko 100.7 FM. Observing the work of its announcers (ranging from a teacher of physical education in an elementary school and a bicycle taxi driver to the tuba player of a band) it was made clear that specialization in the act of communication is a farce, showing rather that communication is a necessity of community sustenance. Or perhaps humans can collectively exist, but isn’t it through operation of expression/ communication of what we think of this or that phenomenon inside and outside of us? Simply to go for tortillas is indispensable communication!

In a small room, grayish on the walls but welcoming for those that work there, are many collages, letters, paintings, art, and photographs of social movements. There is a machete and a red bandana left by ejido members in resistance from San Salvador Atenco. In the other corner is a textile memory of the “Villa la Maternidad” in Córdoba, Argentina, who have struggled since 2004 against the uprooting of their land. There is a print with the slogan #VivasNosQueremos. There is also a photograph of subcomandante Marcos (now Galeano) and near the door that leads to the small hallway on the second floor, there is a piece of pottery hung, the piece most symbolic of the space, marked in blue the following words: Community Radio Amiltzinko 100.7.

They do not have antennas the size of a skyscraper. They do not have a lobby for guests, much less office workers that attend to the calls of those that listen to the station. It is a private house. In the part below they carry out screen-printing and cook different types of bread. The radio is very successful in the community because it is the community converted into radio.

The first day of activities, the community organized—playing on the professional field—a volleyball tournament for local teams. Now yes, lets play! Some watched from beneath the green blanket that covered the rays of the sun.

On the second day, literary and physical activities were initiated for the children. Everyone smiled in the final photo showing the origami that was crafted from the arrival of the sun. In the radio, the normalistas of FECSM began to arrive, coming from different schools (Teteles, Tenería, Amilcingo, amongst others). Some prepared a series of songs that were played on the radio program, while others, painted murals that said: “Amilcingo lives, 3rd anniversary of Radio Amiltzinko”.

In the afternoon, a community meal was offered on the side of the building (outside where Zapata’s face is painted). The compañerxs of Ruptura Colectivo (RC) gave again and again to one of the surrounding walls of the radio. There was Magón with his headphones set to the channel of 100.7 FM—a pictorial project that would last the three days until the end of the festivities. Nighttime already arrived, and the writer Víctor Hugo Sánchez Reséndiz presented his most recent book, “Temóac, un municipio desde abajo” accompanied by the tuning fork and the harmony of some guitar strings. Professor Martín Rodríguez followed, speaking about the importance of joining ranks with the independent teachers (CNTE) to continue the struggle against the education reform. Afterwards, a specialist and defender of community radio in Mexico spoke about the struggles at all three levels of government to disarticulate, through the telecommunications reform, projects like Radio Amiltzinko.

The nightly musical revelry began with samples of urban rap, African-American percussion by the group Mouso Barana, rebellious Mexican guitar from Cuernavaca, a fire performance by the Artistic Collective La Bodega, and the dissident guitar of Andrés Contreras, who had written emblematic protest songs of the case of Atenco. The normalista students from different schools adorned the night with regional dances. The rescue of the cultural and the hybridization with the social struggles were not resisted at all.

The following day, everything was very mellow. The repression occurred in Ixmiquilpan, Hidalgo. People asked, “What do we do?” “How do we show our solidarity?” These questions were pronounced from every corner of the radio. Outside of the house, pastries were sold. In the central area, trucks arrived to install the two stages that would sustain the large party that night. The people left in the afternoon already well dressed to take in some sun, the women following, with their dresses recently ironed.

From one moment to the next, the horns barged in. The people only seemed to enjoy it. Couples danced for hours, some women were in front of the crowd to see their favorite singers, and food booths were everywhere. An emotional and passionate speech by singer Ross Vega went like this: “Thanks to the members of the radio, but especially to all of the people that call on us again and again asking us to return. It is an honor to play in two consecutive anniversaries for the dear people of Amilcingo”. Pity the early morning also must rest…

It was the last day.   The streets empty, the community had a well-deserved rest after a tremendous party. We returned to the wall of Magón. Through various hours of touch up, we finally finished our mural! The sidewalks were blasted with a reddish hue. The family that lent their fence for the work were happy, saying to us in fact: “Wow, it looks better than it did when it was not painted”. We left, more than a phrase, a visual call for the communization of human activity. That is it! Tie, construct, form, conform, draw, plot, etc. COMMUNITY, always in common space and always in defense of the commons. Amilcingo has many lessons to give the world about the art of living in a community.

The afternoon crept in on us, but the memory of Amilcingo and its radio magicians, are like the sun when it hides, late or early it will return.

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