CGT Two Years After the Events in Iguala


CGT Two Years After the Events in Iguala

To the families of the 43 disappeared

To the Rural Normalista School Isidro Burgos

To the people of below and to the left

To the families of all of those disappeared in Mexico and the world

Two years have passed since the events in Iguala. Two years since the state disappeared the 43 normalista students in Guerrero when they prepared to head toward DF to the march in commemoration of the massacre of Taltlelolco. Mexican power is capable of such cruel poetic acts, only explicable in the impunity that it enjoys.

The night of September 26 in Iguala, nine were left dead and 43 disappeared at the hands of the municipal police of Iguala. After the infamy and the atrocious policing, arrived the unfortunate and pathetic staging on part of all of the power of Mexico, of a species of theatre where a search for the missing students was staged. The work culminated in a “historic version of the acts” that untenable and false, is in itself an insult to the families of the disappeared students. Furthermore, they have juggled to try to present the narco-trafficers and the government as separate elements. Nothing is further from reality for those who know the perpetual marriage between narcos and politics in Mexico.

But the “historic truth” crashed again the wall of dignity and memory, and above all, against the fed up nature of people tired of being killed, disappeared, tortured, displaced, and incarcerated at the whim of the powerful. A people who have managed to convert the rage and anger arising from the events in Iguala, to a force of organization and response. The Mexico of below knows, as they Zapatistas put well, that justice will not from those who are guilty.

The marches in commemoration of the second anniversary of the disappearances are a sign that in Mexico it isn’t few that reject the official version. Those that know it was the state. Those that scream before the false investigations and false reports by the major press, there is only one reality, that alive they were taken and alive we want them back.

From CGT we want to join the scream, to join those who do not forgive or forget, to those that demand justice and guarantee that the forced disappearances stop being a political tool for those of above. We want to hug the families of the disappeared and assassinated, and also those that like compañero Luis Fernando Sotelo, are prisoners for their solidarity with Ayotzinapa.

Enough of forced disappearance!

Stop the impunity!

Justice will not come from those who are guilty!

Ayotzinapa lives! The struggle continues!

Translated from the original here:

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