“Our Compañerxs From Tlanixco Are Not Alone” CNI

“Our Compañerxs From Tlanixco Are Not Alone” CNI

National Indigenous Congress (CNI)- Central Region

Declaration Demanding the Liberty of the Political Prisoners of San Pedro Tlanixco

On August 27 and 28, delegates of the Nahua and Ñathõ communities organized and gathered in the caracol that sings to the Universe, municipality of Huiziltepec, in the Mixteca of Puebla. They remembered the agreements reached in the gathering on May 14th in the Nahua indigenous community of San Pedro Tlanixco, Tenango del Valle, Estado de Mexico, where we recognized the prisoners of the Nahua indigenous community of San Pedro Tlanixco as prisoners of the National Indigenous Congress, demanding their immediate liberty and the cancelation of the two arrest orders that remain:

  • Rómulo Mireles sentenced to 54 years in prison
  • Pedro Sánchez Berriozábal sentenced to 52 years in prison
  • Teófilo Pérez González sentenced to 50 years in prison
  • Lorenzo Sánchez Berriozábal awaiting sentence
  • Marco Antonio Pérez González awaiting sentence
  • Dominga González Martínez awaiting sentence

On May 28, some days after our meeting, the judicial process of our compañeros Lorenzo and Marco Antonio and our compañera Dominga closed. The case for the liberty of our compañerxs who have already been in the hands of the state for more than ten years now is in the hands of the judge who in his words said “he will see the document when he has time.” Some of our compañerxs have become sick without receiving proper medical attention. For example, our compañera Dominga had to recently have a surgical operation. We argue that the cause of this sickness and the other sicknesses that our compañerxs have suffered is unjust imprisonment—the state kidnapping they have experienced for a crime they did not commit.

We also know that justice will not come from above, but that it is us, those from below that have to construct it daily. From our dignified rage we demand the acquittal of our compañerxs, the cancelation of the arrest orders for those that have after many years have not been able to return to their houses along with the immediate liberty of our compañeros that already have received their sentencing. In this case as it is in all the cases where they have tried or continue trying to disappear us, we say that we will not sell, that we will not give up and that we will not surrender. Our compañerxs that defend water and life of Tlanixco are not, nor will they be, alone, because from the space of the National Indigenous Congress, the house of all of the people, we will not tire until liberty is achieved and returned to the people. Thus, the struggle continues.

We call also to those that feel touched in their hearts and in their rage to speak out for the release and cancelation of arrest orders against our compañerxs, because they can lock up their bodies, but their spirit remains free and struggling together with us.


Never Again a Mexico Without Us

For the Integral Reconstitution of Our Peoples

Delagates of the Nahua and Ñathõ Peoples, Participants in the Gathering of the Central Region of the National Indigenous Congress

Translated from the original here: http://www.cgtchiapas.org/noticias/nuestros-companers-tlanixco-no-estan-sols-cni

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