Communiqué of the Consejo de Organizaciones Oaxaqueñas Autónomas


Communiqué of the Consejo de Organizaciones Oaxaqueñas Autónomas

“It is not the rebels that create the problems of the world, it is the problems of the world that create the rebels”

  • Ricardo Flores Magón

The organizations that make up the Consejo de Organizaciones Oaxaqueñas Autónomas (COOA): Organizaciones Indias por los Derechos Humanos en Oaxaca (OIDHO), Comité de Defensa de los Derechos Indígenas (CODEDI), y la Unión Campesina Indígena de Oaxaca Emiliano Zapata (UCIO-EZ), those which have for decades struggled in defense of the rights of indigenous peoples, and particularly of our territories against the threats of dispossession favored by the rich through their structural reforms. The supposed education reform is only one part of a packet of reforms that make up the sinister neoliberal plans of dispossession and death. Against them, we see the necessity to contribute to the strengthening of the popular magisterial movement placing ourselves in the encampment in the Zocalo of Oaxaca city for more than 100 days. We are participating in the construction of distant alliances with municipal and agrarian authorities, NGO’s, social organizations, committees of parents, and with the teachers before the crimes committed by the state in Nochixtlán and other parts of Oaxaca. We also join different actions of protest agreed upon in the common spaces of the people and the teachers.

The perversity of the Mexican authoritarian regime is once again evident believing its historic lies like what was done in the case of the 43 disappeared normalista students and the massacres committed at the hands of military, police, and paramilitary in the length and width of the republic. The thousands of crimes continue in absolute impunity, while the people that protest are treated as criminals. Such is the case of the recent pseudo-report of the commission of senators and deputies over the case of Nochixtlán. We sharply reject the new intent to discredit the social organizations named in the subjective, partial, biased and absurd report, whose only intention is to convert the victims into the guilty and to strike a blow against the social movement, exonerating those truly culpable for the state crimes.

We respect the tactical withdrawal of the teachers in the contemporary situation of political and social crisis of the country, but before the panorama of institutionalized violence of the Mexican government, the people continue in struggle. The impunity of thousands assassinated, femicides and disappearances cannot continue; hundreds of political prisoners and prisoners of conscious cannot continue to be incarcerated in the country; we should not permit the dispossession of our territory and the destruction of our rights and cultures as indigenous people. In the face of this situation, the COOA announces that starting Monday September 12, we will carry out a series of actions of protest beginning in the capital of the state. We call to the people of Oaxaca, to the municipal and agrarian authorizes, to the social organizations and to the teachers to not give up in our demand for justice and liberty

Liberty to the Political Prisoners!

Liberty to Cesar León Mendoza, Political Prisoner of COOA!

Down With the Structural Reforms!

For the Defense of Our Rights and Our Territories, Not One Step Back!

Oaxaca de Flores Magon, September 9th, 2016

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