Ejido Tila Chiapas: “Our Autonomy Continues Without Distinction, in Spite of the Groups Against It”


Ejido Tila Chiapas: “Our Autonomy Continues Without Distinction, in Spite of the Groups Against It”

To the public opinion

To the national indigenous congress

To the national and international adherents of the sixth

To the network against repression and for solidarity

To the national and international media

To the organizations that struggle for justice and dignity

To the nongovernmental defenders of human rights

To the struggle of Mexico and the world

Sisters and brothers of the distant geographies that struggle for justice and dignity, we express our gratitude on part of the ejido members of the ejido Tila, because you have showed your solidarity with us. Your words mean a lot to us and give us the strength to continue struggling without giving up.

Unfortunately, we are saddened to inform you that on Saturday, August 27, 2016, apparently in the afternoon, a pair of brothers, 19-year-old Carmita López Pérez and 20-year-old Rafael López Pérez, were assassinated. The brothers were originally from the community of Corta Flor of the ejido Tiontiepa Benito Juárez, but their grandparents were originally from the ejido Tila, Chiapas. These two brothers were killed by a machete attack and we condemn this act as pitiful.

Members of the ejido rushed to the scene at the request of the relatives because the crime was carried out inside our autonomous ejido. The bodies were removed with the assistance of the ejido judge and members of the ejido. They also carried out all the necessary records as the relatives of the deceased requested that they did not want intervention of other authorities because they never properly investigate and the crimes always remain unpunished. Furthermore, none of them had money, and the courts of justice are bought and sold. Because of this they asked that the work be done by the autonomous ejido. We have shown that the crime occurred in the neighborhood of Chijtieja and the path that leads to the community of Cora Flor is some 3 kilometers, which made it impossible for the ejido guard to be aware of the act or lend assistance.

The ejido is carrying out an investigation into who are responsible for the crime, whether they already have been identified, and any more information about their background. Right now we know that it is a group of gangsters that have been using drugs and have been present in the community since when it was still run by the local municipal government. The violence remains as well like the murders that happened at the hands of the municipal police or municipal president that have remained in total impunity. We have expressed for many years that during the time of the municipal local government there was an increase in gang members, the consumption of drugs, drug dealing, and alcoholism. All of these problems remained and the ejido now has to deal with such problems.

Because of this we convened an urgent assembly on August 31 meant to discuss the issues of drug addiction and alcoholism that have no place in our autonomous ejido. In this same assembly it was decided to resolve and eradicate the planting of drugs; since our grandparents requested land for the cultivation of the necessities of everyday life. They didn’t request the land for the planting of drugs that poison the young people, turning them into gangsters, robbers or murderers. Those who are promoting the planting and selling of drugs are those people that were contracted to help maintain power during the electoral campaign of the current municipal president Prof. Edgar Leopoldo Gómez Gutiérrez and his followers.

We publicly announce to the conflictive group that wants to destabilize and blame our ejidal autonomous government for the violence that the bad government left and which they formed part of; the ex president c. Arturo Sánchez Sánchez and his son c. Francisco Arturo Sánchez Martínez, as well as doña Mercedes Bonifaz, the doctor Adelaida Martínez Parcero and her brother Rodrigo. They spend their time requesting the entrance of the police and the return of the invasive government in our territory. They are a small group of people that want to impose their mode of life in the ejido Tila who have lived with government, dispossession and exploitation of our community. They are also racists who are responsible for misinformation and criticisms of our ejido Tila. But in spite of this, we continue forward because nobody can stop us. Many have opened their eyes and only the few remain living manipulated.

We want to note that they are the same people that are generating a conflict between the parents in the Colegio de Bachilleres de Chiapas school 14, and also implementing violence in coordination with the operators of the green party. We condemn these acts that are taking place in this school because they could have outbreaks of violence and be used to blame the ejido. Members of Section 7 of the CNTE of Chiapas and families of the school that are struggling against the education reform closed the school in a peaceful manner. This reform is part of the larger structural reform package that the president has implemented, putting at risk all of the Mexicans, affecting our rights, and affecting the indigenous peoples and cultures who to the rich are just trash.

Our autonomy continues without distinction and the people or small groups that are against our autonomy are alone. We make note of C. Vicente Ramírez Jiménez on September 4th, because he has declared himself against the ejido members as a result of being manipulated by those dedicated to selling the ejido land as if it were a commodity.

Our people continue in alert because the threats are always present, as they want to put an end to our ejidal autonomy. We will keep you both informed and we ask you to be attentive and turn to see the people that suffer harassment in their communities.


Land and Liberty

Organs of the Ejidal Representation

Ejidal Commission of the Council of Vigilance

Never More a Mexico Without Us

We are all Nochixtlan, Oaxaca!

We Are All Ayotzinapa!

Long Live the Dignified Struggle of the Organized People!

Long Live Autonomy of the People!

Translated from the original here: http://www.pozol.org/?p=13691

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