CGT Denounces the Repression Against Those That Defend the Earth


CGT Denounces the Repression Against Those That Defend the Earth

To the CNI and EZLN

To everyone that walks with the Sixth

To those that duffer displacement, torture, and violence for resisting power

To those that struggle, in their time, mode, and geography

The repression carried out by the Mexican Government against those that construct alternatives unfortunately continues to be the order of the day. We have received numerous complains and alarming news in the last few weeks. As adherents of the space of struggle that is the Sixth and as fellow travelers of those who sow autonomy in Mexico from below, the General Confederation of Labor (CNT) wants to send a message of solidarity and mutual aid to those that struggle.

We want to express our solidarity with the Binizza community of Álvaro Obregón in Oaxaca, members of the national indigenous congress. We want to send good spirits to the six people who were injured by the bullets of the municipal police of Juchitán, who had to deal with bullets trying to stop their dignified struggle to conserve their land. We demand an end to the project intent on constructing a wind farm on the land of this community, and we denounce the political imposition of megaprojects upon indigenous peoples.

With equal concern, we denounce the dispossession of the land of the compañerxs of San Isidro de los Laureles Venustiano Carranza, Chiapas. On May 12, members of the white guard serving the powerful expelled families of this community from their lands, a community that has embarked on a project of autonomy since December 2015.

In the same municipality, in the community of Cuztón, a member of the National Indigenous Congress was retained and tortured by members of the group Nuevo Guadalupe Victoria. We send a fraternal salute to the compañerxs of the CNI and Semilla Digna in Venustiano Carranza. We hope that soon they can return to cultivate their recovered land, and that justice is served for the injured and tortured.

After the recent three-year anniversary of the assassination of Juan Vazquez, attacks on the community of San Sebastián Bachajón, adherents of the Sixth, continue frequently. The tourist project for the zone of Palenque plans to be constructed on the land of this community, whom have always refused to surrender without a fight. On May 8th, Esteban Jimenez Gómez and his family were attacked by a paramilitary and two sons (both federal police) in their house. We condemn this attack and we mark the severity of the actions carried out by the repressive state forces, without any level of government to respond to such actions.

We want to denounce that the repression orchestrated against all forms of dissidence, carried out by elements of paramilitaries and vigilantes, is not at all unrelated to the structures of power. We know that the entire war against organized rebellion converts paramilitaries and the management of campesino organizations into tools of repression at the orders of the state. We name the political authorities and Mexican police as culpable for these episodes of violence and the violation of fundamental rights.

We want to send a fraternal salute, and our sincere solidarity to those from the trenches of the Sixth and the National Indigenous Congress (CNI) who are still inexhaustible in defense of the land and territory and never cease in their efforts to construct a better world.

We know that the struggle will bring justice for the displaced of Banavil and of the people of Primero de Agosto. We know that justice will be served and reparations will be given to victims of the massacre of Acteal. We are confident that there will be a cease to the harassment of the Zapatista communities. We do it because it is something we have already learned from the Zapatistas and this space of struggle that is the Sixth. That is, do not give up, do not sell yourselves out, and having resistance as your form of life is a long road, but it guarantees its fruits for those who continue to walk it.

Stop the aggression against the Indigenous peoples!

Stop the megaprojects imposed on the communities!

The land is of those that work and protect it! Enough of forced displacement!

Out with the paramilitaries of Chiapas, MX and the world!

Autonomy is life, submission if death!

Poorly translated from the original here:

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