Solidarity With the Autonomous Community Ghi’Xhi’Ro-Álvaro Obregón


Urgent Diffusion: Solidarity With the Autonomous Community Ghi’Xhi’Ro-Álvaro Obregón

To the compañerxs in solidarity

To the free media

Today, on May 14th, the Zapoteca community of Gui’xhi’ro’ (Álvaro Obregón) was seriously attacked with firearms.

The acts took place around one in the afternoon, when the candidate of the PRD-PAN coalition for the municipal president of Juchitán (Gloria Sánchez)—who is also member of the COCEI-MNPP (Worker, Campesino, Student Coalition of Istmo—National Movement for Popular Power)—was present in our town campaigning. The candidate arrived escorted by a group of gunmen of the COCEI, by members of the paramilitary group Jorge Alonso Santiago, and financed by Saúl Vicente (current municipal president of Juchitán). This armed group was also integrated and guided by José Santiago Gutierrez, known as “Ta Gueme” or “El Yaco”, a gunman who is originally from this area.

During the act, many of our community compañerxs were on their way to their families after their workday in the salt plant when they were quickly attacked. In the first aggression on the community Ezequiel Sanchez was detained and severely beaten by the group of gunmen. Upon learning of the detention of the compañero, a truck of our community police left in search of him, when the vehicle was attacked with bullets and ambushed by the opposition group.

In the attack seven of our community members were injured by the party men:

Cesar Toledo Vicente, commander of the community circle was severely injured by bullets in his side that pierced his lungs and that were shot by the gunman Santiago Gutierrez “ta Guerme”; also Juan Martínez Jiménez was severely injured (elder and alternate community agent) when bullets hit him in the neck. In addition to them, a bullet also injured José Andrés Jimenez and Victor Charis Lopez.

During the attack Ezequiel Sanchez, and the member of the council of elders Marioano Jimenez Jimenez and Adalberto Lopez Antonio were also injured, Adalberto with fractures to his skull and arms after the paramilitaries of the COCEI beat him with the butt of a shotgun.

While the entry of the armed group was planned by Saúl Vicente Vásquez (Municipal president of Juchitán), Héctor and Gloria Sanchez (COCEI-MNPP) by Juán Terán, Wilfrido López Luis and Victoriano Matus López, Hilario Sanchez known as “El Malaquias”, Andres Charis Vásquez and the coordinator of the gunmen Santiago Gutierrez “ta Gueme”, w e blame all of the politicians and their institutions. This has already happened many times, and we don’t want them or their laws. We only want to live our life in our environment, peacefully. We don’t want them here, because they always bring death. Today there was much blood, governments make the people and the families shoot each other and who is held responsible for the deaths? The government? They always demand respect for their institutions but they don’t respect anything, neither the ocean nor the land that gives life to everything.

This is proof once again that the governments and their mode of politics only brings problems to the people. Still the day of electoral theater has yet to arrive and armed groups that want us to follow the government are already attacking our people.

We know that the politicians, human rights, businesses and police are on the same side, as they work together to put their wind projects, mines, and other projects of development in the region. We reject all of these and we will continue organizing ourselves according to our customs, in assemblies making decisions between everyone. We will not permit the installation of voting booths nor the presence of electoral institutes, and we continue struggling to safeguard the ocean, air, and land that gives life and sustains us all.

Community Assembly of Gui’xhi’ro

Poorly Translated from the original here:

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