Communique of the CNI and the EZLN Over the Repression in Chablekal, Yucatán

Communiqué of the CNI and the EZLN Over the Repression in Chablekal, Yucatán

To the media

To the human rights organizations

To the Unión de Poladoras y Pobladores de Chablekal

To the people of Mexico

Brothers and sisters,

As the people, communities, tribes, neighborhoods, organizations and collectives that make up the National Indigenous Congress, we denounce and condemn the events that occurred today in the community of Chablekal, Yucatán, where the police tried to evict a grandmother of the community from her home. Knowing the eviction was unjust, community members decided to protest the act trying to prevent it, to which the state riot police responded with tear gas. Thus far, 40 cartridges of tear gas have been found in the community, where women, children and elderly live.

Carrying out their work as defenders of human rights, Jorge Fernández Mendiburu and Martha Capetillo Pasos, members of the center of human rights, Indignación A.C. and the National Indigenous Congress, were arbitrarily detained, beaten, and handcuffed in an aggressive manner and against all proceedings. Although they were soon released, these acts signify the intimidation and criminalization of the observation of human rights and of social protest.

We additionally denounce this act as an attempt to intimidate both the defenders of human rights and the population of the community of Chablekal, a community that has organized into La Unión de Pobladoras y Pobladores Del Pueblo del Chablekal Por El Derecho a la Tierra, El Territorio y Los Recursos Naturales, in defense of what remains of their land from theft and dispossession that they have suffered in recent years on the part of speculators and landowners with the support of agrarian authorities and politicians of the municipality, state, and federation. Their demand to stop the sale of their land is met with responses like this and other attempts to intimidate the people along with those that accompany and defend their rights.

The abuse of authority, and crimes that derive from such authority, are framed in the context of the imposition of the strategy “Escudo Yucatán” that, through huge economic loans with unclear destinies, attempt to contribute to a state of defenseless citizens against the actions of the police. The team Indignacion A.C. presented a document denouncing these and other irregularities in the strategy. The treatment of groups critical of the police is one of the deviations of the mentioned plan that will be analyzed in more detail before its imposition.

Therefore we demand:

-Investigation and punishment of the police responsible for the arbitrary and illegal detention of those that were victims, the members of the team Indignacion A.C

-The immediate liberation of the four members of the Chablekal community that are detained (Pedro Euan Flores, Alfonso Tec, Pedro Euan Santana- Member of the MPDT of Chablekal and of the CNI), and a teenager of fifteen years of age.

-Investigation of the aggressions that the community members of Chablekal suffered

-The guarantee of security of the defenders of human rights

-The end of acts of intimidation against La Unión de Pobladoras y Poblares Del Pueblo del Chablekal Por el Derecho a la Tierra, El Territorio y Los Recursos Naturales

-The open address to the people of the details of any action of security that can erode their human rights, including the creation of the named “Escudo Yucatan”

Brother and sisters of Chablekal:

You are not alone!

Never more a Mexico without us!

For the integral reconstitution of our people!

National Indigenous Congress (CNI)

Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN)


Poorly translated from the original here:

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