Letter from the political prisoners of the Q’anjob’al territory to the thousands of people in the march for water


Letter from the political prisoners of the Q’anjob’al territory to the thousands of people in the march for water

April 16, 2016

Brothers and sisters, everyone,

Members of the march for sacred water, life and the ancestral territory of our indigenous peoples.

From the Centro Preventivo para Hombres of Zone 18 of the capital of Guatemala, as the five political prisoners of the Q’anjob’al territory, we salute and congratulate you, giving a large hug to everyone for this beautiful activity.

We are sure that the heart of our mother earth, the heart of the sacred water, the heart of the sacred air, among its many agonies is filled with happiness to hear it’s best sons and daughters exclaim—“enough of so much destruction.”

Similarly, the spirit of our ancestors has been rejoicing in these activities that stimulate the energies necessary for greater mobilization in defense of their legacy.

The fatigue, hunger, and thirst that they had to bear during the course of the day’s trip has converted into a precious offering to the life-giving cosmic energy.

Sisters and brothers of all ages, culture, religions, and social positions, life is a fundamental right, there is thus an indisputable obligation to defend it, now more than ever when the irreversible effects of devastation inflicted upon mother earth are of general alarm.

However, those principally responsible for these damages, their drive for more accumulation is accelerating the already deteriorating environment, to a level of extermination of life in the regions where they intend to carry our their extractive projects.

These acts are occurring in the Q’anjob’al territory in the northern region of the department of Huehuetenango, among other areas. They are an example of what the evil is capable of doing, and even worse so, the state has converted extermination as a policy into an effective operation. We have already denounced the form in which they operate the public institutions to achieve their business objectives.

Today the situation in the Q’anjob’al territory is severe. For example there are more than 60 orders of arrest by the courts, formalizing the criminal persecution against authorities of the Maya nations: Q’anjob’al, Chuj, Akateka, Popte and Meztizo, assuming them of having committed serious crimes whose sentences are higher; simultaneously there is the deployment of military force in all of the territory.

“The latest acts are directed toward creating conditions to massacre entire populations, so it is a fact that the majority of the population of the Mayan and Meztizo people that inhabit these territories reject such projects”

We advise the people of the world that the circulation of a video of a supposed guerilla group is the preamble of grave violations of the individual and collective rights of our people, as has already occurred in the 1980’s.

There is no doubt that everything responds to this plan of extermination. The military is taking charge of the construction of communal highways in the region. The announcement of the appearance of the supposed armed group and its prefabricated discourse reminds us of the same activities that expanded the Guatemalan military in our territories, that they used as an argument to carry out the scorched earth policies. Only the most naïve can believe such inventions.

What is certain is that the paramilitary groups are financed by the businesses, with the logistical support and training provided by the national military and national civil police ordered from the high command of the institutions of security. The orders are not in favor of the people but of the businesses that act that to intimidate the population, working beneath the protection of the referred to institutions.

Since 2012, we have been denouncing to human rights officials the presence of these paramilitary groups in the territory, but nobody has done or said anything about them, much less the institutions of justice.

The materialization of the diversion of the YickK’isis River in the community of the same name in the municipality of San Mateo Ixtatán was carried out quickly in the midst of this false information, serving as a smoke screen so that nobody could realize the illegality and illegitimacy of the activity.

Finally we demand that the organizations of justice carry out the necessary investigations with total objectivity so that immediately they capture those materially and intellectually responsible for these grave crimes. Furthermore, we demand the cancellation of these extractive projects in our territories.

We also demand the end to the criminal and judicial prosecution of our authorities and the immediate freedom of us, because the crimes of which they have accused us never existed and are invented with the objective to curb the growth of the rejection of their projects by our people.

Natural resources and our territories are not for sale, but are to be defended!



The political prisoners of the Q’anjab’al territory:

Rigoberto Juárez Mateo, Domingo Baltazar, Adalberto Villatoro, Arturo Pablo y Francisco Juan Pedro, all incarcerated in Preventivo of Zone 18 in Guatemala. Ermitaño López Reyes y Maynor López are detained in Huehuetenango

Poorly translated from the original here: https://comunitariapress.wordpress.com/

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