Las Abejas de Acteal Publicly Denounce the Group Consejo Pacifista


Las Abejas de Acteal Publicly Denounce the Group Consejo Pacifista

To the national indigenous congress (CNI)

To the adherents of national and international sixth

To the councils of good government

To the defenders of human rights

To the political and social organizations

To the alternative media

To the national and international press

To the public opinion in general

Brothers and Sisters:

Today we publicly denounce the actions that have been carried out against our Civil Society Organization Las Abejas de Acteal, by members of the group Consejo Pacifista Sembradores de Paz, lead by José Patrocinio Hernández Gómez, spokesman for the group and who is originally of the district of Yashgemel, municipality of Chenalhó.

Our Civil Society Organization Las Abejas de Acteal and the survivors of the massacre committed December 22, 1997, agreed in our general assembly to denounce the action of the group Consejo Pacifista for doing nothing that favors the peaceful struggle of our organization.

The actions carried out by the group Consejo Pacifista cover themselves using the name, stamp, and logo of our organization. Currently they maintain a double discourse: in their public and written word, they speak of conciliation, of peace, and that they want dialogue, but their word is false because they carry out threats and harassments. What they want is to appropriate and dispossess the physical and symbolic spaces of our organization in Acteal, House of Memory and Hope.

For their purposes, they have allied with Ricardo Arturo Lagunes Gasca, who along with members of the Consejo Pacifista have betrayed the pathway of the people, because this adviser had deepened divisions, thus acting as the bad government with its counterinsurgency and deceit, bringing lawsuits against us in federal court, eroding and deflecting the struggle because we are in pursuit of true justice, of Lekil Chapanel.

The objective of the actions of the Consejo Pacifista is that they be taken into account by other organizations, collectives, and solidarity movements, to confuse the brothers and sisters that have accompanied our resistance for memory, truth, and justice, before the impunity of the Mexican State.

Since October 28, 2014, those that currently form the Consejo Pacifista group ceased to be members of our Civil Society Organization of Las Abejas, and since that date they have carried out violent actions against members of our organization and especially of our board of directors.

Today we decided to talk so that the people, organizations, collectives, and movements are not confused. They have used the name of our organization because they want to be recognized and they can appropriate our headquarters Martyrs of Acteal.

From the Tsotsil pathway and experience, our organization has had various reunions in order try to talk and dialogue with the brothers and sisters of Consejo Pacifista, however they have decided not to continue the dialogue. Currently, José Patrocinio Hernández is the voice of Consejo Pacifista and has been making complaints, letters and invitations using the name, stamp and logo of our organization acting as a member of Las Abejas.

Brothers and Sisters in solidarity with our Civil Society Organization Las Abejas de Acteal, we will not permit that our name is continually used by the organization. Furthermore, we do not want any more dialogue with them because already we have tried many times, and their words and actions never have come into fruition and thus we have ended the pathway of dialogue.

Today we tell the members of Consejo Pacifista that in the headquarters of our organization, they cannot enter and carry out their reunions, conferences, make videos or take pictures, because they only use it to confuse and make believe they are Abejas and by the agreement of our members of the organization they should stop using our name, the stamp, and logo of our organization.

These and other actions of the Consejo Pacifista we hadn’t completely denounced. So we do it today. Us as the Civil Society Organization Las Abejas de Acteal, we did not say anything because we thought that they would reflect and recognize their mistakes. Never have they taken account of their actions and provocations. We see that they have forgotten all of the suffering from what happened in the year of 1997.

We thank the compañeras and compañeros, solidarity groups, collectives, movements, organizations, the national indigenous congress, the national and international adherents of the sixth declaration of the Lancandon Jungle of the EZLN, the believers, the Dioceses of San Critóbal, Frayba and especially the Bishop Raúl Vera López, and to everyone that from their heart has strengthened our path in the search of truth and justice.

We reaffirm that Acteal is the site of consciousness for humanity, is sacred land, place of martyrs, house of memory and hope.


By the survivors and board of directors:

Juan Vásquez Luna

María Vásquez Gómez

Mariano Pérez Cura

Sebastián Pérez Vásquez

José Ramón Vásquez Entzin

Vicente Sánchez Ordoñez

Juan Pérez Gómez

Mariano Jiménez Gutiérrez


Poorly translated from the original here:

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