CGT Celebrates the Resistance of the Free Media in Mexico


CGT Celebrates the Resistance of the Free Media in Mexico

To the free, alternative, and autonomous media

To Regeneración Radio

To Radio Ñaomndaa, La Palabra del Agua

We live in times where the neoliberalism that devastates the world has managed to turn everything that exists into a commodity for sale. The capitalist system survives by marketing the land, people, and culture, including information. The powerful know that information or the lack of it can work to mold public opinion, hide the truth, silence the screams, and leave in silence the voice of those below. Because of this, we need now more than ever to bounce the echoes and amplify the words of those that resist. We need voices and words that are in the service of truth and of collective culture not subject to economic interests.

In response we propagate in all geographies projects oriented precisely to this: to be the voice of the voiceless, to say the uncomfortable truth that those above want to hide.

We know that whoever tries to circulate information outside of the control of political and economic power (if there is really a difference between them) is met with immediate repression. The idea that the people inform themselves frightens those who need to consolidate their power base by manipulating public opinion.

In Mexico, the repression against the free media takes the form of harassment against free media reporters, closing of community radios, including the assassination of journalists. An example is the recent support of the Federal Institute of Telecommunications of Mexico in a campaign of criminalization targeting community radios as “thieves” that have worked for decades in Mexico. Neoliberalism in its quest to possess everything, tries even to include the radio waves.

Given the gravity of the above-mentioned acts, we cannot avoid a rebellious smile knowing that there are compañerxs of the Mexican free media that resist the effects of power. We celebrate that Regeneración Radio, after 7 months of the destruction of its facilities by part of hired thugs with the approval of the university authorities, announced their return to the radio waves. They began their work halfway through the month of April, with programming that is the fruit of collective creation.

And more reason for joy of the revival of this information service of the struggles of below, is that it coincides with the dignified resistance of the students of the Auditorio Che Guevara, that oppose the de-occupation and bureaucratization of the autonomous university space.

We also celebrate that after two years of silence, Radio Ñomndaa, La Palabra del Agua, returns to the airwaves from the hill of flowers in Suljaa’, Xochistlahuaca, Guerrero. They do so with courage and rebellion in spite of having suffered repression in the past, and they continue beneath the threats of political power. The community radio returns to the people of Nn’anncue Ñomndaa to have a free vehicle for the diffusion of the struggles in Guerrero and all of Mexico.

From CGT, we salute everyone that is building the broad network of free media, community radio, social libraries, and alternative publications that grow in Mexico and the world. We support the creation of alternative sources of information and diffusion of the culture from the margins of the paid media, and of the party propaganda.

We condemn whatever threat, aggression, or hostility carried out against the free media, and we denounce the unjust criminalization of the community radios. From this side, we are in solidarity with the voice of those that resist, and we humbly try to echo their words.

Autonomy is life, submission is death!

Poorly translated from the original here:

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