Rural Normal School “Raúl Isidro Burgos”Denounces Recent Aggressions

To the people in general

To the public opinion

To the social organizations

To the media

Rural Normal School “Raúl Isidro Burgos” of Ayotzinapa, Guerrero

With this communiqué, we want to inform you of the STRATEGY OF TERROR that has intensified recently. The Federal Government of Enrique Peña Nieto, together with the state government of Héctor Astudilla, has perpetrated the terror. They have made use of military, federal, ministerial, and state forces by violently assaulting our normalista brothers when they returned to the city of Chilpancingo. We denounce the cowardly acts of the Federal and State government that today intercepted the bus at the tool booth of Tixtla. Here, using excessive violence, twelve normalista compañeros were removed from the bus at gunpoint by federal police—identified with the license plate number 14858—and with the support of the state police that were located in the second gas station in the exit of Tixtla. The acts occurred under total impunity, harassing and threatening the compañeros with death, physical violence and incarceration with large firearms. Some of them managed to escape reporting the unfortunate events.

These actions against the normalista school of Ayotzinapa and the parents of the families are part of the means of violent repression by the Mexican State. This was without doubt meant to be a message for the student base of the Normalista School, for the parents of the disappeared and for the social organizations. However, we are better organized and stronger than ever, and with this communiqué we say to the government of Enrique Peña Nieto, that the attacks against our life, the attempts to bring in organized crime, the discrediting of the members of GEI, will not stop us.

This struggle is legitimate. It is to demand justice and punishment to those responsible in the Ayotzinapa case; because they hurt our people and our town; we want justice because all of the evidence suggests it was the military, federal and municipal police under the orders of the three levels of government that carried out the crime.

Today we ask you as citizens that you be conscious of this crime of the state, that you struggle together with us, arm in arm, so that we do not allow impunity for this crime against humanity. Not only is it the disappeared of Ayotzinapa, but there are thousands of others throughout the country, there are outrages against the people, the looting of oil, the continual rise of electricity prices, unemployment, the devaluation of the peso and all of the reforms that affect us, the poorest people.

Because they were taken alive, we want to them back alive!

Student Committee- April 9, 2016

Poorly translated from the original here:

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