Radio Ñomndaa in Resistance Against the “The Corrupt Regulations of the Mexican State and Capital”

160403-Reinicio-Radio-ÑomndaaIMG_1652_0-702x336Radio Ñomndaa in Resistance Against the “The Corrupt Regulations of the Mexican State and Capital”

The Word of Water, 100.10 mhz FM

Suljaa’, Xochistlahuaca, Guerrero, Mexico

April 3, 2016

To the Nn’anncue Ñomndaa people

To the people that resist and that organize to weave community ties

Brothers, sisters

We now share our word; we are part of the Nn’anncue Ñomndaa people of the Costa Chica region of the state of Guerrero, Mexico. Since 2004 we have organized to carry out collective work with the community radio La Palabra del Agua that in the last two years, due to various technical problems, has had to stop its daily transmission.

Today we return to share with you the word after this long pause. We have reorganized in order to continue the regular transmission of our radio at 100.10 mhz FM from the hill of flowers in Suljaa’, Xochistlahuaca, Guerrero. We thank all of those in solidarity who have helped us reestablish the transmission and strengthen the organization of the collaboration team of the Ñomndaa Radio.

We are now in the proper position to continue speaking the word, the feeling of the people. Already 11 years have passed since we initiated the work of the community radio, during which the Federal Government has subjected us to harassment and attempts to dismantle the radio. Some of our compañerxs have been criminalized and incarcerated for the exercise of their rights. Locally, there has been harassment and work carried out against our radio by the powers of the local bosses that prevail in this region. Today, although there are latent risks of attack, we have decided to continue to transmit our word.

In recent years, we have watched in concern while the Mexican State and neoliberal capitalism continue imposing laws from above to justify the dispossession, repression, exploitation and contempt, violating the rights of the people that organize to care for their territory. We see that those of above continue pretending to control, with their rigged laws, the broadcasting and telecommunications, delivering the radio spectrum to the businesses that are made richer with the lies that they transmit, and the truths that are silenced on television and paid radio. These same businesses are now made even richer from the telephone and Internet industries.

Because of this, today we have reinitiated the transmission of Radio Ñomndaa and we declare that the free circulation of La Palabra del Agua, through the frequencies, is not for sale, is not an object of business and neither is it subject to the corrupt, crafty, false and discriminatory regulations imposed by the Mexican state and capital. We claim the full exercise of the San Andres Accords and the free determination of our Nn’anncue Ñomndaa people. Thus, we organize ourselves to have our own means of communication and to have the radio serve as a tool for the organization and care of our people and territory, as well as for the strengthening of our language.

Through the radio, we have denounced the excessive exploitation and dispossession in our territory on part of the local bosses in the region. The radio has served to keep us informed and keep us company. Through the radio we are made aware that we are not alone, that there exists others that struggle and resist. With the radio we can communicate with each other and understand our closeness, sharing the same space, in order to remain as Nnanncue Ñomndaa people.

To the people, communities, collectives, solidarity organizations, we ask that you stay tuned to our radio and our struggle, to the words and the music that we share, but also to the threats and aggressions that can occur against us, because we know that above they don’t agree with the form in which we are organizing ourselves here below.

Also, we want to say to you that we will maintain an awareness of your struggles and resistances. This radio, with humility and simplicity, with dignity and in rebellion, will remain informed of those that defend and care for their territory, of those that organize for the dignity of their people and communities, of those that have decided enough already of the contempt, that will not allow themselves to be continually trampled. With this we want to tell you that if any of us are touched, then we are all touched. We hope that we can be in close contact, in mutual support, in order to survive the storm while we construct another form of being, with and for our Mother Earth.

To the Mexican state we demand that you refrain from criminalizing and violating the struggle of our people, communities, organizations and collectives. Out struggle is for life, and life tends to last beyond the death and destruction that is offered by the capitalist system. As organized peoples in defense of life, we are an expression of the regeneration of our Mother Earth against neoliberal destruction. Therefore, the native peoples, the first to be born in this world, will endure in spite of the war of extermination, to revive again and again the flower of the word.


The Word of the People is Clear, Free, Rebellious, and Truthful

Never more a Mexico without us

Committees and Collectives of Radio Ñaomndaa

Poorly translated from the original here:

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