Amilcingo Achieves Respect for Their Autonomy: Decision-Making is by Usos y Costumbres

Amilcingo Achieves Respect for Their Autonomy: Decision-Making is by Usos y Costumbres

To the state government and municipal government of Temoac

To the media

To the people of the state of Morelos

To the organizations and collectives

To the citizenry in general

Today, March 18 of this year, members of the community assembly of Amilcingo, Temoac, Morelos, complied with the agreements established on March 17th in the assembly, where it was decided to act before the imposition of the vote through voting booths, an issue that violates the usos y costumbres of our indigenous people. The decision of the assembly was enforced preventing the imposition of this unlawful act.

We continue reiterating that we are an indigenous people and ask that the agreements we have established through our usos y costumbres be respected, valuing the voice of everyone. In the general assembly after analyzing different proposals, we decided to strategically act against the imposition of the election of the municipality of Ayudante in the community by not allowing the installation of the voting booths. These elections violate our rights as an indigenous community, where the majority asks for elections through our usos y costumbres.

Starting at 5:00 am, a committee of volunteers guarded the main streets of the community in order not to be surprised with the installation of the voting booth.   At 7:00 am they began to give assignments to the population to protect our integrity in strategic points, always bearing in mind the acts carried out were to be in a peaceful manner, without physical or verbal aggression, acting collectively and demonstrating that unity is strength.

Today we prevent this imposition in our town, as this action is legitimate because we are defending our indigenous rights. The municipal government should respect our decision, stop the invalidation of our people’s decisions, and recognize our members. In our village, there aren’t conditions to hold elections by ballot box because we simply do not recognize another form of electing our authorities but by the community assembly.

We demand the state government, the commission of indigenous affairs of the state congress and the municipal president Edith Cornejo, to fulfill their responsibility to recognize our right to elect our authorities by usos y costumbres. Otherwise, we will name them responsible for whatever physical or psychological aggression made towards the members of the assembly.

We are not a small group, we are the people of Amilcingo and we are organized, we will not allow our dignity to be trampled.

General Community Assembly of Amilcingo

Poorly translated from the original here:


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