CIPO-RFM Denunciation of Harassment

The Popular Indigenous Council of Oaxaca—Ricardo Flores Magon (CIPO-RFM), has denounced a new attempt by the Oaxacan Government to enter their community house on March 8, 2016.

This is the sixth incident of this type since January of 2014, according to the organization in a letter sent to the national and international organizations of human rights, to the national indigenous congress (CNI), to members of the other campaign, and to the Defensoría de los Derechos Humanos del Pueblo de Oaxaca.

The letter reported that around noon on March 8th, when members of CIPO were in the communal house located in Santa Lucia del Camino, Oaxaca, doing preparatory work for the women’s meeting “birthing rebellions”, to be held on March 12 and 13, two people tried to enter the building arguing that they were part of the General Secretary of Government and Heritage of the State of Oaxaca, and to open the door because they were going to enter. They were told that they had no business being there, and after about seven minutes, the two people left.

The organization explained various incidents; of surveillance by uniformed police, of attempts to enter by kicking down the door, as well as attempts to enter by people in plainclothes, and those that take pictures or arrive armed at the house of CIPO-RFM.

The letter mentioned that on November 24th, 2014, Roberto Mowers, assistant of Carlos Santiago Carrasco, currently General Secretary of the Government of the State of Oaxaca, then Undersecretary of Government and Political Development, in a conference between the government of Oaxaca and the communities of CIPO-RFM expressed: “There are voices inside of the government that say that sometimes they are helping an organization that is collecting and supplying arms to the house of CIPO-RFM (From these facts there is a preliminary investigation before the Special Prosecutor of Investigations of Crimes of Social Transcendence number 08/FIDTS/2015 table 7)”.

Similarly, on October 23, 2015 “a patrol of the state police stopped at the door of the community house of CIPO-RFM, and through the cameras sought to identify the occupants, however they were unsuccessful and decided to leave. At this moment, one of the police officers addressed the CIPO members Miguel Cruz telling him, ‘They don’t give a fuck who the leader of CIPO was, and they were going for the top’, they were never identified, but the patrol had the number 01874 of SSP  and carryied six shotguns.”

The organization has stressed that the communities that make up CIPO-RFM have occupied that house for more than eleven years; in which it has carried out assemblies, workshops of human rights, meetings with people from other countries and from Mexico, and have maintained the property with the help and cooperation of communities and people in solidarity, “but the state government has protested that it is their property and has carried out acts of harassment and threats to members of the organization as mentioned above. There exists protective measure number DDHPO/ CA/ 337/ (01) OAX/ 2015 issued by la Defensoría de los Derechos Humanos del Pueblo de Oaxaca but the government of Oaxaca has failed to fulfill it”.

Within this context, the organization decided to file a lawsuit against the state government, on November 25, 2015, file number 348/2015, before the Chief Justice’s Civil Judicial Center District, Genoveva Dulce Javier Agustin, “Who to this date has only replied that there is no place for our complaints, indicating that the executive and judicial power refuses to resolve in accordance with the rights that we have”.

Within this context, the organization responsible for any act of repression is the secretary of administration, Alberto Vargas Varela; Lic. Gabriel Morales Ronzón of the Department of Heritage, Eréndira Cruzvillegas of the Coordination of Attention to Human Rights and the Chief Executive of the Government of Oaxaca.  We call on people of all of the world to perform some action like making phone calls or sending letters to officials, “to repudiate the attitude of the government of Gabino Cue Monteagudo and demand him to comply with the protective measures and observe the civil lawsuit filed by members of the organization rather than continue the harassment of the community house of CIPO-RFM and its members”.

Poorly translated from the original here:

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