Dispossession and Repression in the Indigenous Geography, CNI

Mexico: Dispossession and Repression in the Indigenous Geography, CNI

Announcement of the National Indigenous Congress (CNI)

To the people of the world

Sisters and brothers, following in the footsteps of our ancestors, those born in the pathways of Tata Juan Chávez Alonso, we met on January 30, 2016 in the community of Chinanteca de San Antonio de Las Palmas, municipality of Tuxtepec, Oaxaca. Delegates gathered of the peoples of the Mazatec, Binniza, Chinanteco, Maya, Purepecha, Otomí, Nahua, Wixárika, Tepehuano, Tzotzil, Chol, Popoluca, Zoque and Tzeltal, from 32 communities of the states of Chiapas, Oaxaca, Veracruz, Yucatán, Campeche, Guerrero, Michoacán, Mexico state, Morelos, Federal District and Jalisco.

We gathered to see each other and listen to each other—amongst those that live every day in dispossession, repression, contempt and exploitation in every corner of the indigenous geography, where the flash of the storm that covers our territories begins, the storm that is spawned in the darkness of capitalism. We gathered to get to know ourselves and each other one more time, the history of our ancestors and our own histories, to find and search the pathways from which we can continue existing as we are in each community, neighborhood, nation, and tribe—those that each day weave together the national indigenous congress working on the difficult task Indigenous peoples have of caring for the world. From here, we turn our collective heads toward the horizons where we see what we see.

We see the pathways that the liars offer us, with multiple faces those above that call themselves sensitive to the pain and despair of those below that suffer this war; of the pathways they offer us from the middle, of those who claim to be on our side while they flirt, hug, dialogue and negotiate with those of above, offering to our compañeros, television cameras, travel expenses, resources and projects that disfigure our struggle and vanish the ties of which bond those below.

We also see that those below who dream of being above only become the executioner that with a dead heart cannot see until he kills us, divides us, gives our land to those that wanted to destroy it even knowing that it is his mother as well, cheating our people into accepting the lies and betrayals of the government saying that his intentions are good.

But we also see the pathway that we share with those of below, that construct a collective heart in the people, who hear each other and understand the feeling of our brothers that struggle and suffer equally with us, of those that understand that justice is sown in the land, just how our compañero Federico Ortiz planted it, brother of the purépecha people whose legacy always encouraged us to walk amongst ourselves, without the parties, without anybody demanding or telling us how.

In remembrance of his legacy, we began our assembly in the territory of Chinanteco, where he could not arrive physically after passing away on January 23, 2016. We also remember the legacy of our compañero Felix Serdán, voice of the National Indigenous Congress and honorary elder of the EZLN, who passed away February 22, 2015, the compañero who spoke to the youth saying that “we must stop the apathy, that which grows and acquires knowledge, because if we do not awaken, we will continue to feel overwhelmed by the storm that has begun”. We also remember the legacy of our compañero Tata Juan Chávez who passed on June 2, 2012 leaving his word that we should think and work without rest for “the reconstitution not of only one country or of one village, but for a new world”. They are the steps and the horizon that lead us on the long road of the National Indigenous Congress.

Considering the above, through an agreement of our assembly, we declare:


  1. We reject the territorial dispossession and destruction of the Indigenous territory of Chinanteco, through the imposition of ecological reserves, payment for the environmental services, programs that lead to the privatization of the land like PROCEDE and PROCECOM. We also reject the imposition of tourist corridor 13, as well as the highway Tuxtepec-Oaxaca that aims to displace eleven chinanteco and zapoteco communities—a project that has also been accompanied by mining concessions in communal lands. We denounce the lack of justice in the orchestrated crime again Maximino Salinas Hernández, authority of the community of San Antonio de las Palmas who was ambushed and assassinated June 30, 2013 by paramilitaries operating in the region protected by the bad governments. These murderers today, are free.
  2. We reject the complicity of the three levels of bad government in their attempt to displace and privatize the totality of the communal lands of the village of Tepehuano and Wixárika of the autonomous community San Lorenzo de Azqueltán, Jalisco. We ratify our recognition of their territory and autonomous authorities.
  3. We reiterate our rejection of the destruction of the sacred places of the Wixárika community by the aggressive mining project in the desert of Wirikuta, San Luis Potosi. This is despite the judicial suspension that exists to stop 78 mining concessions that continue to illegally exploit in the towns of San Antonio de Coronados and la Presa Santa Gertrudis with the open complicity of the bad governments, who maintain a permanent campaign of division to consolidate this cultural and environmental destruction.
  4. We denounce the existing assault on part of the governments and companies to appropriate the ejidal lands, archaeological sites, and sacred places of the Mayan people in the state of Yucatán, particularly the dignified struggle of the peoples of the community of Chablekal in the municipality of Mérida to stop the sale of land for the rich and the real estate companies at the cost of the deprivation of the right of the majority of the people to land tenure. Similarly, we demand the end to the harassment and repression against the members of the Red Contra las Altas Tarifas de Luz Eléctrica of Candelaria, Campeche.
  5. We reject the militarization of Indigenous territory in the region of Chimalapas, in the area between the states of Chiapas, Veracruz, and Oaxaca and the intention to construct a mixed operations base with the supposed pretext to stop land invasions. We know perfectly well that it has been the same state and federal governments that with their lies and their perverse and destructive projects in other territories that have been responsible for the increase in invasions and the provocation of conflicts between the people themselves.
  6. We demand the cancellation of the projects of death that have been brought upon the people of the state of Mexico, ignoring the reiteration to stop the project by the Nahua and Natho communities, amidst alleged consultations that have merely replaced the words of the indigenous people. For example the Toluca-Naucalpan highway project whose imposition has proved the systematic and violent violation of the autonomy of the community assemblies as well as the strong police presence to intimidate the voices that oppose the destruction of the Mexican Otomí forest in the communities of San Francisco Xochicuautla and San Lorenzo Huitzizilapan. Furthermore, the police presence to guard the machines of the private company, Atuovan, concessionaire of the project. We also demand the cancellation of the construction of the new airport of Mexico City along with its associated projects that are already bringing destruction and dispossession to the communities in the basin of the valley of Mexico and the life of Lake Texcoco. This project has already used severe repression like which was suffered by the people of San Salvador Atenco in May 2006, while those responsible still remain to be punished. We of the National Indigenous Congress reiterate that we do not grant nor forgive nor forget the murderers, torturers and violators, both in their material and intellectual capacities.
  7. We salute the decision of the Tila ejido in Chiapas in their steps toward autonomy and the decision to take their territory of the municipality of Ayuntamiento, as well as the community of Los Laureles and San Hisidro that have recovered around 70 hectares in three ranches, from which they had been displaced.
  8. We denounce the absolute impunity of the assassins of the young boy Hidelberto Reyes, of the community of Santa María Ostula, Michoacán, who was assassinated by the Mexican army July 19th, 2015 in an operation to detain the commander of the community police Cemeí Verdía Zepeda who was liberated December 24th of the same year. We also denounce the impunity and protection that has been enjoyed by Mario Álvarez López and Federico González Medina, bosses of the Caballeros Templarios on the coast of that state—the masterminds of the 34 murders and 6 disappearances that has been suffered in Ostula since June 29, 2009. This violence has had the intention of dispossessing the people from their land and beaches for the trafficking of drugs, for the logging of precious woods in danger of extinction and the legal and illegal exploitation of minerals in the region. All of this has been carried out through joint operations between all levels of the bad government and the narco-paramilitary groups. We demand the absolute respect of autonomy of the community, their community police, and their territory.
  9. We reiterate the unflinching demand that the Mexican government present alive the 43 students of the Escuela Normal Rural Raúl Isidro Burgos of Ayotzinapa, Guerrero and that the police, military and politicians responsible for the crime be punished. We know that the state only has lies and tries to hide their guilt by obstructing the investigations that have been carried out by the Group of Independent Experts of the Interamerican Commission of Human Rights.
  10. We reject the use of paramilitary groups around the support bases of the EZLN, accompanied by the increase in military ground and air patrols. We warned that the war against the Zapatista communities is also against all of those who dream, who build, and who struggle for another possible world, and as always as the National Indigenous Congress we will be alert and ready to act accordingly.
  11. We call for the immediate liberty of the political prisoners of our communities, whose only crime has been the defense of Mother Earth, and the defense of the dignity and life of their people and the future generations

Prisoners of San Pedro Tlanixco, State of México.

-Rómulo Mireles sentenced to 54 years in prison
-Pedro Sánchez Berriozábal sentenced to 52 years in prison
-Teófilo Pérez González sentenced to 50 years in prison
-Lorenzo Sánchez Berriozábal waiting sentence
-Marco Antonio Pérez González waiting sentence
-Dominga González Martínez waiting sentence

Prisoners of San Miguel Aquila, Michoacán

-Agustín Villanueva Ramírez sentenced to 27 years
-Vicente Villanueva Ramírez sentenced to 27 years
-Efraín Villanueva Ramírez sentenced to 27 years

Prisoners of San Sebastián Bachajón, Chiapas

-Santiago Moreno Pérez
-Emilio Jiménez Gómez
-Esteban Gómez Jiménez

Prisoners of Loxichas, Oaxaca

-Álvaro Sebastián Ramírez
-Justino Hernández José
-Eleuterio Hernández García
-Agustín Luna Valencia
-Abraham García Ramírez
-Fortino Henriquez Hernández
-Zacarías Pascual García López.

Below and to the left we continue walking, because only there is where we can revive the truth and the justice for our people, and only there we can grow, with our hearts set on the future generations, from the roots planted in those who have preceded us, where the life begins for all of us without exception.


For the integral reconstitution of our communities

Never more a Mexico without us

February 24th, 2016

National Indigenous Congress (CNI)


Poorly translated from the original here: http://komanilel.org/2016/03/04/el-cni-se-pronuncia-contra-los-despojos-territoriales-contra-los-proyectos-de-muerte-por-el-repudio-a-la-rearticulacion-de-grupos-paramilitares-por-los-presos-politicos-y-contra-la-impunidad-de-lo/

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