The Aggression Continues in the Totonac Communities by the Hydroelectric Project Puebla-1

The Aggression Continues in the Totonac Communities by the Hydroelectric Project Puebla-1

To the people of Mexico

To the media

On February 25th, 2016, in the municipality of San Felipe Tepatlán, workers from Deselec1-comexhidro began, without authorization from the people, the construction of the dam. In this situation, a committee from the community went to the scene to demand that they stop harming mother earth with the excavation. When they arrived there, one of the workers pulled out a gun with the intention to intimidate and provoke the community members, generating a moment of great tension. Therefore, again we publicly denounce the company Comexhidro’s use of violence to impose the hydroelectric project Puebla-1 that will bring series damage to mother earth and our lives.

We demand that the authorities respect the agreements made in the assembly of July 5th, 2015, in which authorities of the state, federal, and municipal government and more than 1000 people of San Felipe Tepatlán participated.

As indigenous communities, we also demand that they respect our right to free determination and to our territory. The hydroelectric project puts in danger the life of our communities to benefit the transnational company walmart. This is why we are demanding its cancellation.

We name the federal government, Rafael Moreno Valle and Comexhidro responsible for whatever situation of violence and confrontation that might happen to the people that live in the municipality.

Out with Walmart and Comexhidro from the Sierra Norte de Puebla!

No to the Projects of Death!

 Guardians of the Ajajalpan River

Organization Tutunaku-Nahautl in Defense of the Earth, the Territory, and the People

Poorly translated from the original here:

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