Against the Governmental Paramilitary Actions Carried Out in Las Abejas, Respect for San Isidro Los Laureles and Gratitude to Bachajón

Against the Governmental Paramilitary Actions Carried Out in Las Abejas, Respect for San Isidro Los Laureles and Gratitude to Bachajón:

To the public opinion

To the major international and national means of communication

To the social organizations that struggle for justice and dignity

To the network against repression and for solidarity

To the adherents of the sixth declaration of the Lacandona jungle

To the defenders of nongovernmental human rights

To the International Indigenous Congress (CNI)

To the national and international sixth commission

Please receive a cordial salute from the adherents of the sixth declaration of the Lacandona jungle of the Ejido of Tila, Chiapas, Mexico and a warm hug to all of the organizations in solidarity with our struggle—a struggle that will be tireless because of the strong solidarity against the capitalist monster that converts our land into a commodity in order to make more money and subject the poor to more poverty.   To the comrades of San Sebastián Bachajón, in appreciation of their solidarity with our struggle. We demand the state government not suppress our comrades of San Isidro Los Laureles of the municipality of Venustiano Carranza, Chiapas, and from the Ejido of Tila and all of the others nooks because it is the time to unite more forces, because we will not allow the ongoing injustices carried out toward indigenous communities. The recovered lands by our indigenous bothers of San Isidro Los Laureles should be respected.

Our brothers and sisters are afraid of a possible eviction on part of the government and we demand respect and that the decision to recover lands that were long held by the landowners be respected; the Ejido of Tila recovered the lands and expelled the council December 16th, 2015 who wanted to expropriate 130 hectares of our land and turn it into private ownership. We will forcefully protest anything that happens to our brothers because the Ejido of Tila is also on maximum alert for whatever counterinsurgent attack that the three levels of government are preparing for the Ejido of Tila and other organizations of Chiapas with the use of paramilitaries.

We condemn the constant aggressions that our brothers and sisters of Las Abejas de Acteal, Chenalhó, Chiapas have suffered. They were ambushed by paramilitaries near the town of Pantelhó on December 29, 2015 and as always these aggressions have remained in total impunity as they are supported by all three levels of government that are still killing and harming our brothers. The municipal police do nothing because they are coordinated from the three levels of government. Attorney C. Raciel López Salazar denies that any paramilitary groups exist and as always says that it is in inter community conflict, but we demand the end to the attacks and hostages; furthermore, that those responsible are punished for these acts that many times do the opposite, by putting more social activists in jails throughout Mexico, because they are used by the same government to disguise their armed force.

To all of the social organizations and defenders of non-governmental human rights, we ask that you be on alert to the wave of attacks that our struggling brothers and sisters have suffered and we will continue to report as many times as necessary, never tiring.



Land and Liberty

Ejido of Tila

President of the Supervisory Board

Never Again a Mexico Without Us

Stop the Attacks and Repression Against the Indigenous Communities

Abejas de Acteal is Everyone


Poorly translated from the original here:

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